• Maxine

You've not come this far

For those concerned about the festive period undoing all of their work and sober success plan, plan, plan for all the times you may be faced with triggers or cravings. Remember, you know what has worked in the past so make sure you draw on those strategies. Ultimately don’t be derailed by a few days and others behaviour and expectations. You’ve come this far you can do this.

That waking up feeling, your eyes open and complete clarity. You’ve another sober day under your belt, you know precisely what you did yesterday and what your plans are for today. You have confidence and self esteem. That feeling is so precious. Draw on it during the day when faced with challenges.

But what happens when the mind says why not?

You might be in a trigger situation, you might be feeling blue, you might be feeling great. All of these times might lead to the thought’ why not’?

But I’ll tell you why, it’s not worth it!

You are not your thoughts and tomorrow you will have added another sober day to your wonderful sober total.



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