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What does Living Well Sober mean?

To live well sober you need to fully appreciate that your life WILL be different when you stop drinking. Western society is characterised by a drinking culture, and it inevitably takes mental and practical effort to stop drinking and stay stopped, particularly when so many so called ‘special occasions’ almost demand that you give in to social pressures to drink.

Living well sober means that you decide what you want your life to look like and what changes and conversations are required to make it happen and then put that into practice. If you believe that your life will go on much the same as before, just minus the alcohol then you are far more likely to succumb to triggers such as social situations and cravings (regardless of the actual quantity of alcohol you were consuming). Both can sabotage your sober life, or at least make your sober life not as appealing as you had hoped. This is a major reason why people go back to drinking.

Most people are aware that there are a huge number of physical and mental benefits associated with stopping drinking. It is important to understand however, that many of the benefits such as sleeping well, weight loss, having more energy, clarity of mind etc. do take a while to appear. It is very common to be impatient (I was) and to want your life to improve instantaneously but change of any sort takes time and it is important to be realistic in terms of your expectations at the outset.

That said, if you simply wait for good things to happen, and don’t proactively plan the sort of life you want going forward then even the inevitable benefits that start to manifest will not necessarily register with you or be appreciated by you. This is where coaching can really support you to learn more about yourself and make the choices that are right for you going forward.

Ready to Live Well Sober?

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