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Coming out and staying out

In terms of who you tell when you first become alcohol free here are your options:-

No one





Whatever your answer follow through in terms of scenario planning. It’s going to be much easier to live well sober if you ‘come out’ in a way that’s right for you. For example, what are the implications of not telling anyone you choose to be alcohol free? If you are planning to continue to socialise then it’s likely you are going to have to make something up at the outset to explain why you aren’t drinking. You could say that you are driving, on antibiotics, have a busy work schedule, drank a lot the night before etc. How comfortable will you be telling friends or colleagues any of these things?

What are the implications of telling everyone you are ditching alcohol?

You may choose this strategy as you want to be accountable or plain and simply you want to eb open. What might happen? You could be asked a lot of questions. How will you respond? You could be congratulated. What does that tell you about other’s views of your drinking? You could find that many of your friends and family are just not interested. How will that make you feel?

You may choose only to tell family. How likely is it that they don’t tell anyone in your wider social circle? How would you feel if they did? Why do you want family to know? Are you looking for support from them? What would that support look like to you?

If you choose to tell friends. How will they react? Choosing not to drink is your decision but often some friends can feel threatened by it believing it is shining a mirror on their drinking which of course it isn’t. How might you handle a difficult conversation or a good friend urging you ‘to just have one’? Whilst you don’t have to give any reasons why you have made this choice you might feel you want to share your reasons with particularly good friends. What if they are not accepting?

Whilst there may seem to be a lot of questions and scenarios that need to be considered when you first stop drinking, a qualified coach is able to help you address all of them in one session, providing an excellent foundation for your future sober life

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