What Does Living Well Sober Mean?

Planning in the present for your future

When you choose to become alcohol free you are choosing to live life differently. Both differently in relation to how you lived your life before and differently in terms of Western societial expectations that drinking alcohol is the norm.

If you think nothing has to change about your life once you become alcohol free you are very unlikely to develop the right mindset for it to stick.

Stopping drinking and staying stopped requires effort.

Stopping drinking and living well requires significant effort but you are far less likely to start drinking again because your sober life offers you so much more.

Your life will finally feel like it belongs to you. It will reflect who you are and your aspirations. You will start to live life on your terms

Living well sober therefore means something different to everyone.

I support and enable you to identify and focus on what living well sober means to and for you and I support you to implement the changes you choose to make

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About Me

I have been alcohol free for 7 years. I am an accredited ICF coach committed to supporting you to live well sober.
I worked in the UK university sector until 2020 and now I offer sober coaching and support the sober community and those wanting to become alcohol free.
I tried to stop drinking many times before succeeding, sometimes stopping drinking for weeks only to start again. I didn’t appreciate that other life changes are needed to have the best chance of   staying alcohol free.
I therefore understand how difficult it might seem to become and stay alcohol free.
Drawing on my coaching expertise and own experience I enable you to become sober and to live well. I believe that by living well sober you have the best chance of staying alcohol free.